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Introducing the new smartCommunicator

Airnet Group, founded in 2002 and named to CRN’s 2013 top 150 fastest growing technology list, is announcing that it is launching its award winning smartCommunicator product into the higher education market.

smartCommunicator is a closed loop communication tool that brings together every method of modern communication and integrates them into a central database. smartCommunicator helps you understand your audience segments, create targeted messages and turn those messages into actions. Or as we like to say: Create Dialog from Data.

From fundraising to alumni relations to marketing; smartCommunicator empowers you to intelligently and efficiently interact with your audiences and begin a two way dialog with them.

For more information about smartCommunicator please call 1-866-874-7964 or email us at


smartCommunicator is comprised of the following modules:

Dashboard: Monitor message open rates, clicks and the overall performance of your communications. The Dashboard puts actionable information at your fingertips when you want it.

smartData:  Organize, manage, update and enhance your information. Clean, integrate automated change-of-address updates, standardize information, and match your data with one click all from within smartData.

Sandbox: Our innovative Sandbox Selection Tool makes creating targeted segments of your audience easy. And all without being a database expert. Using an intuitive drag and drop interface, you can create the perfect audience for the messages you send.

smartSurvey: Whether you want to conduct surveys over the phone, through email or on the web, smartSurvey is the answer. smartSurvey will tell you what your customers are thinking. And you'll spend less time building surveys and more time putting the results to use.

smartForm: smartForm is a custom form builder that enables managers to create robust caller / constituent interaction guides that take the form of digital pledge cards that can then be deployed to multiple devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone) from anywhere, and at any time.

smartPortal: smartPortal is a browser-based user pathway into smartCommunicator that serves as a powerful Volunteer recruitment, action, and management & retention platform.

smartMailer:  Email is still the most powerful way to connect your message with millions of customers and supporters. smartMailer is much more than a way to send your audience an email. It helps you create, send and manage the emails your audience will want to receive.

smartMessenger: Almost 100,000 text messages are sent every second. So how do you make this technology work for you? smartMessenger guides you through the process to ensure your text messages are going to the right people at the right time so your message will be received. 

smartSequence: Tie messages together to create coordinated followups automatically and increase audience responses.

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Alan Pitner has almost nine years working in higher education fundraising all in annual giving.  I have been fortunate to dabble in many different responsibilities such as student and parent phonathons, senior gift, class volunteers and reunion campaigns.

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