Phone-a-thon is not dead; sign up for a 30 day free trial to see why!

The new smartCommunicator brings together every method of modern communication – voice, email, text, and social media to create a unified communication platform. smartCommunicator takes your messages and creates an interactive delivery method with a built in feedback loop to create 360 ° constituent profiles that micro target your audience while simultaneously gathering up-to-date constituent data, audience opinions and interests, and secure donation dollars.

To celebrate the new release of smartCommunicator we are offering 30 day free trials of smartCall Center and smartPortal calling modules.

Sign up today for a 30 day free trail! FREE30

smartCall Center is the industry leading VoIP calling system. Simply plug the three-piece system in and remotely connect to our powerful resources to begin your campaigns. This simple design eliminates the need for expensive high-end onsite servers and the costly technicians required to manage and troubleshoot them.

smartPortal (available in late August) is our new browser based calling interface designed for desktops, laptops, and tablets. smartPortal empowers administrators to easily schedule and manage calling shifts and intelligently assign calling queues via our innovative mind-linked matching process. smartPortal is powerful and flexible, enabling callers to call from traditional phonathon calling rooms or the comfort of their homes while leveraging data relationships to increase caller success. 

With smartCommunicator, communications have come full circle.      

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Alan Pitner has almost nine years working in higher education fundraising all in annual giving.  I have been fortunate to dabble in many different responsibilities such as student and parent phonathons, senior gift, class volunteers and reunion campaigns.

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