Why Friendraising Works Better Than Fundraising

Gail Perry: Why Friendraising Works Better Than Fundraising

"Ok, I’m presenting a revolutionary concept today. And this idea just might have gotten me thrown out of fundraising ten years ago. But now, I really do think that the fundraising profession may be more open to this idea.  We’re coming around. Here’s my revolutionary proposal to you:

I’d rather have Friends to my organization than Donors.

Yes, I’d rather have passionate, die-hard Friends to my cause than donors. I know, I know – “Friends” are not going to keep your organization afloat. You need more than friendship – you desperately need money!  Now more than ever.But stick with me a minute and read on."

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Alan Pitner has almost nine years working in higher education fundraising all in annual giving.  I have been fortunate to dabble in many different responsibilities such as student and parent phonathons, senior gift, class volunteers and reunion campaigns.

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