Have you Ever Felt this Way?

Traditionally, data selection requires enough database knowledge to get assigned to a select group of managers. But what happens when those team members are not available to perform the work? Isn't it frustrating when these bottlenecks prevent entire teams from performing efficiently?

Wouldn’t it be nice if data selection was easy enough for anyone to pick it up and begin using data fast, effectively, and in the exact format you need it? All of this, and more, is possible with the Sandbox selection tool. 

Not a database expert? Don’t worry!

Finally, there is an easy and intuitive way for manipulating and segmenting your giant database into custom segments that pull-in the perfect mix of target constituents that are micro-targeted for your messaging campaign!

Once you have mapped your list within the smartData module, the Sandbox then incorporates your custom fields into an intuitive (dare we say, Fun!) interface where users of any experience level can input selection criteria and drag n’ drop fields into the ‘Sandbox’ that automatically generates fast & accurate counts according to the commands you enter.

Drag N' Drop

Working within the Sandbox is as easy as choosing your data criteria from the drop box on the left (this includes your custom data from earlier), deciding on a selection command (EX: like, not like, greater than, less than, etc), and then determining and entering the data you wish to segment upon (EX: name, zip, opinions, etc). 

Accurate Rapid Counts

Upon dragging additional criteria boxes into the same block, users will experience rapid ‘automagic’ queries built right in front of their eyes. The Sandbox can refine millions of records down to extremely micro-targeted segments in a matter of seconds. Finally, painless data segmentation is available for non-data people!

Limitless Possibilities

The segmentation capabilities of the Sandbox are near limitless. Users can continue to add additional criteria in the same block which refines the overall segment size by each command entered. In addition, users may broaden their search by adding additional blocks which offers windows into supplementary profiles that managers may wish to roll-into a single overall segment.

Sandbox Overview
  • Sandbox API plugin for external data sources
  • Easy and Powerful Drag and Drop data selections
  • Rapid and accurate segment counts

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