Recycle Your Data

How much time does it take you to upload your data into each of your independent email, phone-a-thon, and social & web platforms? Then, how much additional time does it take to then segment that data in each different platform to finally get it ready for message delivery?




Now imagine if you could upload your data one time and create a segment one time and recycle and re-use this information over and over incorporating it seamlessly into several different messaging modules depending on your message preference of the day… Now that's smart.

With smartCommunicator, you can do this, and more. Save time and effort through our modular design that gives you a library of Sandbox segments that you can seamlessly incorporate into multiple messaging modules without the pain of learning and managing three or more platforms to do what smartCommunicator does with one. 

Recycle your Data Overview

  • Modular List and Segment Libraries
  • Save time by re-using and seamlessly incorporating segments into multiple messaging modules
  • Be a smartCommunicator by replacing your three or more platforms with a single intuitive suite that produces better results while saving you time and money

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