smartCall Center

The only 360° degree outbound phone-bank system available today.

As a powerful smartCommunciator delivery method that interfaces seamlessly with the smartSurvey module, smartCall Center is the only 360° data-centric out-bound VOIP phone bank system available today.


smartCall Center consists of a three-piece set of IT & Telco hardware that, out of the box, can make millions of calls from anywhere at any time – all while simultaneously gathering valuable up-to-date constituent data, audience opinions & interests, and secure donation dollars through its seamless incorporation into the smartCommunicator messaging platform.

Did you know that in the 2012 political cycle, over 70 million calls were made through the smartCall Center system? Now that’s a year of smartCalling! Visit the full smartCall Center webpage by clicking HERE.

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Some features of the NEW smartCommunicator…


Play with your audience.

Our innovative Sandbox Selection Tool makes it easy to create targeted segments of your audience without being a database query expert.


Intelligent Survey Calling.

smartSurvey is the module that gives you the freedom and flexibility to design intelligent survey campaigns capable of being deployed to multiple delivery methods including smartCall Center.

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