smartCall Center

smartCall Center is a powerful smartCommunicator delivery method that interfaces seamlessly with the smartSurvey module creating the only 360° data-centric out-bound VoIP phone bank system available today.

Begin With Creating Surveys

Your first step with smartCall Center is to create intelligent survey campaigns within the smartSurvey module. When you have completed your campaigns, you can then deploy your surveys to any of your remote smartCall Centers where your volunteers and staff can begin making intelligent VoIP survey calls.

Setup is Easy!

Setup consists of a three-piece system that is lightweight and self-configuring and is truly ‘plug n’ play’ right out of the box. 

Making Calls is Simple

From within the smartCall Center module in smartCommunicator, call managers can create and assign caller login Ids and passwords to their callers. In the field, callers login to their work station, launch the job they have been assigned to, and begin making calls and recording survey data by using simple touch-pad commands that are extremely easy but effective for making some of the highest single-day survey call volume on record! 

Experience Limitless Calling Power

smartCommunicator averages 70 million VoIP calls and 67.7 trillion data points processed through our smartCommunicator Data Centers each year. Our work spans entire presidential elections, nation-wide marketing campaigns, and national fundraising efforts. Now that's some powerful calling!

smartCall Center Overview
  • Interface directly with the smartSurvey module to deliver a powerful VoIP survey calling capability
  • Easy setup makes for plug n' play operation
  • Intuitive phone operation makes for easy and fun volunteer managment and success
  • Limitless back-end calling power makes for scalable and limitless single-day calling capabilities

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