Data Management

“Our email sends went from a several hour endeavor to being completely finished in hours or less. The smartCommunicator team helped achieve this by working with the NRCC to clean up our lists and improve our IP reputation.”    

 -NRCC Ecampaign director 



From maintenance of disorganized and outdated contact lists to complex database architecture, smartCommunicator employs a full-time staff of certified TDWI data experts that provide all-around database expertise & solutions for the most complex problems or ideas.

These same technicians have also incorporated their expert Data Management knowledge into the construction of the smartData module which includes several intuitive tools that put the power of Data Management back in your hands so you can easily manage your data and get it back on track for messaging success.

The intelligent Data Management design built into smartData allows users the capability to selectively map and import/export as many custom fields as they require. In addition, thanks to smartCommunicator’s  holistic API data design, organizations struggling from disorganized and disconnected internal databases can use the smartData API to unite all of their once disjointed databases into a streamlined system that push and pull information to and from the smartCommunicator messaging platform.

Finally, there’s an integrated messaging platform capable of fitting overtop your existing internal databases that offers the kind of synchronized and real-time communication you’ve been waiting for!


Data Management Overview:

  • Automatic and Customized List Mapping
  • Unlimited Field upload and mapping
  • Data Cleansing and Standardization Services
  • Holistic API Data Design

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