Anchor Tab

Mangers can build multiple pages into a smartForm campaign. To this end, the Anchor page acts as a stationary side-bar of foundational data that gives callers a quick reference to high priority information regardless of which smartForm page they are currently positioned on.


Through an intuitive drag and drop form design, managers can quickly and easily select and drop-in core elements into the smartFrom Anchor page. Some data fields managers may want to consider for this anchor could be fields ranging from basic constituent contact information, Call to action asks, and fast-action CALL and Pledge buttons.

Home Tab

As the name implies, the home page is a template that managers can fill with the kind of content that they feel is mission-critical to their specific campaign. In the case of phone-based fundraising, call managers might choose to build their Home page with elements like call scripts, donor contact data, ask amounts, past giving history, donor interests, and caller notes…

Alternatively, for calling activities that are political in nature, managers might choose to display conversation prompts, vote history, voter activity, and a survey question feed from smartSurvey. 

Demographic Tab

The demographic page is a template constructed to empower managers to identify and target the high-priority contact fields they need to extract from phone conversations. This page allows managers to display current contact information available on constituents. In turn, when this information is displayed through the smartPortal module, users can confirm or update these contact fields with fresh data feeding back in from conversations with constituents. 

Rebuttal Tab

The smartForm rebuttal page enables managers to pre-determine responses to constituent questions or concerns. This, in turn, gives callers quick access to sanctioned rebuttals that aid in the caller/constituent relationship building process. 

Gift Tab

If pursuing gifts or pledges, the gift page is capable of displaying the smartDollars gift processing module available through the smartCommunciator platform. Information can be taken over the phone and entered and processed immediately. And as with all the information gathered through the smartCommunicator platform, gift information is available in real-time through your smartCommunicator dashboard module.


After reviewing your smartForm materials, you will have the option to view the content as it will appear in production. After this point, you will be able to choose a segment from your sandbox and schedule this job to be deployed and made available through your smartPortal network where volunteers can make calls on your behalf via Phone-A-Friend which puts multiple calling devices (smartPhones, Tablets, and Computers) into play.

smartForm Overview
  • Anchor Tab for quick caller reference
  • Home Tab for robust constituent data display
  • Demographic Tab for on-the-go contact data updating 
  • Rebuttal Tab for quick-action responses 
  • Gift Tab for fast, easy, and secure donations 
  • Deploy to smartPortal and multiple web-enabled calling devices

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