Easy Email

smartCommunicator has been built on a modular design. This means that when you create one segment say, for calling, it’s ready for unlimited use and incorporation into multiple other messaging modules like mobile and EMAIL.  This means that half of your setup work has already been completed before you even begin the first steps of email design. Having your audience already targeted now leaves you with the easy and fun task of designing your email content.



Complementing its raw sending power, smartMailer has also been designed with an intuitive Drag N’ Drop GUI interface that makes email design extremely easy and fun. Users will benefit from convenient template management that allows for easy newsletter template upload and editing. Furthermore, users can upload images into smartCommunicator to be incorporated into messages – while also benefiting from intuitive variable data management (Salutations, First and Last names, etc.)

Finally, robust email analytics are available in real-time and are presented and housed in your Dashboard command center. Learn more about your smartCommunicator Dashboard by clicking HERE.

Easy Email Overview

  • The smartCommunicator Modular design makes for time saving email setup
  • Convenience features like Drag N’ Drop operations, smart Template Management, and intuitive variable data management make for easy and fun email design

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