Phone-A-Friend is a browser-based calling interface enabled for smartPhones, tablets, and laptops that can make home-based calls guided by surveys and/or form content created from within the smartSurvey or smartForm modules.





When a volunteer signs up for a calling job within their smartPortal account and that job becomes active, the volunteer is sent a reminder and encouraged to enter the Phone-A-Friend calling queue where their web-enabled device becomes an intelligent internet calling & data feedback platform. Again, all of this is happening from the comfort of a volunteer’s home and leisure. As a volunteer logs in, they are assigned to a call universe of click-to-call constituent records. Each one of these records is detailed through a digital pledge or voter card layout that is created from within the smartForm module. These digital forms have all of the custom constituent fields (including surveys) that you, as a manager, choose to build into them in the smartForm module.

At this point, callers can begin making informed and guided calls whose delegation is managed automatically, thus insuring against duplicate or overlooked contacts.

In addition, based on an opt-in social integration, caller profiles, and caller questionnaires, Phone-A-Friend can also intelligently match caller with constituent based on commonalities from each profile. This intelligent 'mind-linked' matching helps to break down the cold-calling barriers and successfully pair callers with like-minded individuals and friends. With smartPortal, you leverage data relationships to increase volunteer success…Now that’s smart.

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