The core function of smartSurvey is to enable users in create customized survey campaigns that can be deployed to multiple smartcommunicator delivery methods (Phone, Web, Mobile, Email) that can be scheduled and deployed all from within the smartSurvey module.

Getting Started

Utilizing a platform-wide Drag and Drop GUI interface, users first begin by selecting a survey template, naming the survey, and dragging survey questions into the question field.

Next, users enter the actual question content and begin creating their survey answers. Because of smartCommunicator’s graphic interface, adding, removing, and re-ordering survey questions and answers is intuitive and even fun. 

Enhance your Surveys

Once a survey question and its corresponding answers have been finalized, users can enhance survey performance with features like smartCommunicator jump logic. This logic tree allows users to easily control the order in which survey questions display in production based off of the respondent’s previous response. This feature guarantees that your survey respondents are directed to the questions that are relevant to them without wasting their time or yours. 

Tag Your Surveys

Furthermore, as an additional measure to ensure smartCommunicator users maximize their survey results, an intelligent tagging feature is also included in smartSurvey that enables users to create and assign tags to individual survey answers and respondents. In other words, if John Doe responds positively to your question, this data point is recorded and may trigger a pre-configured ‘supporter’ tag that is appended-to and flagged-within John Doe’s constituent record. This tagging can even trigger an automatic follow-up message that is part of our Sequential Messaging Module. After your messaging efforts are complete, users may, in turn, leverage this tagging data to identify and target priority follow-ups. 


And finally, before deploying your survey, smartCommunicator offers a sample production view of your survey content for management review before pushing the content into use where it can be sent-out via VoIP phones (smartCall-Center), Web-based opportunities (smartPortal), Mobile Canvassing (smartSurvey2Go), and Email (smartMailer). 

smartSurvey Overview


  • Intuitive Drag & Drop Survey Creation
  • Intelligent Jump Logic Tools
  • Maximize your survey results through intelligent tagging tools

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