Take your surveys directly to the source.

Go where email, voice, and SMS surveys cannot. With the smartSurvey2Go mobile application for Iphones and Androids, you will deploy, manage, and analyze teams of volunteers using traditional face-to-face polling techniques enhanced by modern GPS location, digital surveying, and real-time data feedback so you can leverage the power of face-time without wasting time.


From political polling, customer satisfaction, and constituent outreach & awareness initiatives, smartSurvey2Go has consolidated the need for cumbersome maps, bulky contact data books, and time-consuming bubble sheets into a single mobile app that gives door-to-door professionals the agility to become more effective face-to-face communicators…Now that’s smart!

For our political people, Imagine this….

What if all of your GOTV tools worked together to create a single integrated voter contact platform? Well, with smartCommunicator, you can now create a single voter job or survey and, with a click of a button, deploy that same job to integrated VoIP Call Centers, doors, and remote home-based calling devices that all work together to deliver and return messages in a single closed feedback loop… Now that’s smartGOTV.


Some features of the NEW smartCommunicator...


Play with your audience.

Our innovative Sandbox Selection Tool makes it easy to create targeted segments of your audience without being a database query expert.


The view at 30,000 feet.

smartDashboard puts powerful analytics right at your fingertips. You'll be able to anticipate what's working and adjust your strategy in real time.

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