Powerful Digital Canvassing

Whether assigned to a series of canvass jobs, a single high-priority job, or a sub-job custom walk route, users of smartSurvey2Go will benefit from a FREE download of the app for Iphone or Android, a detailed GPS walk display, an augmented reality street view, and a powerful constituent search tool.

This set of paperless tools and features enable users in the field to easily navigate, identify, and confirm constituents all in the palm of your hand – an effort which ultimately results in the successful personal delivery and real-time feedback of your message.

Intelligent Walk Delegation

And don’t forget, all of these door-to-door messaging efforts work together, intelligently delegating work without duplicate contacts.

But, in addition, remember that you may choose to compliment smartSurvey2Go messaging efforts by maximizing message reach with additional smartCommunicator messaging modules like smartCall Center and smartPortal which all work together to coordinate the same job through each respective messaging medium while delegating work to users intelligently so that duplicate touches and oversights are eliminated…Now that’s smart!

Locate Respondents: Map & Street Mode

Map Mode

This is a real-time GPS interface overlaid onto a block-by-block map view showing the user’s current position with a radius of three blocks that displays all the households associated within that area. Navigating to these households is as easy as walking towards each household icon facilitated by street display and route recommendations.

 Street Mode

This is a real-time street view that activates the camera on your smartphone and uses Augmented Reality to overlay household locations onto this view. As you change positions, viewing your street or block from different vantage points, the street mode also changes and updates with the new households associated with the new locations. This feature enables users to confirm, in real space, that they are in fact in the correct location to begin their messaging efforts. 

Search, Knock, and Survey

Search Mode

Finally, in addition to tools that help navigate you to your destination, smartSurvey2Go also includes tools like the Search Mode that enable users to remain stationary at a polling place, a college sporting event, or an alumni gathering and search and identify constituents which can then be surveyed quickly and easily.

And Finally, upon identifying the respondent, users can deliver surveys that are created from within the smartSurvey module. And as always, this opinion data feeds back into the smartCommunicator platform all in real-time.

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